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1K polyurethane gunfoam



  • Excellent adhesion on most materials
  • High thermal and acoustical insulation
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Very good filling capabilities
  • Very accurate dosage
  • Minimal waste due to accurate dosage
  • Resistant to aging



CERESIT PRO TS62 is a ready to use, one-component moisture cure polyurethane foam. The can has a special screw top for the application gun. The foam is self-expanding, will be free from dust after about 20 min. Total hardening time is max 24h. It is possible to get up to 45 litres of cured foam from one can, but this largely depends on working conditions – temperature, air humidity, available space for expanding, etc. There is no remarkable post-expansion. The cured foam is not toxic.

Documents to download

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