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International Center for Innovative Construction Technologies Ceresit acknowledged the requirement to add fibre reinforcement to self-levelling compounds, in order to improve elasticity by increasing tensile strength and create a proper bond with its matrix. Since Ceresit already had this technology in Tiling Adhesives and ETICS, glass fibres were chosen to achieve the best result.

Fibre Force – how it works?

CN 69 self-levelling compound is improved with Fibre Force technology, which uses glass fibres to reduce the shrinkage and prevent from developing cracks.
This improved durability makes surfaces more resistant to scratches and reduces surface dusting. The more homogeneous matrix leads to improved compression-tensile ratio and makes application on critical substrates safer.
Mortar shrinks while hardening in the initial stage, but with the appropriate additives and additional fibres, the micro-cracks are blocked and do not develop.

Benefits of CN 69 with Fibre Force

Crack resistance and Elasticity:

•    Fibre Force prevents from developing cracks
•    Perfect for heated floor, glued carpet, laminated floor, PVC, linoleum or ceramic tiles

Quick and easy application:

•    Perfect flowability 
•    Suitable for machine application

Strength and durability:

•    Ensures a smooth and homogeneous surface
•    Enables extended durability of the entire Flooring system

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