PU Foams

Polyurethane foams are one of the best insulation materials known today. PU foams offered by Ceresit are simply, conveniently and efficiently usable solutions. High quality PU foams have:
- Low thermal conductivity - lowest among the building materials
- Strength - resistant to the compression
- Adhesion - excellent primerless adhesion to almost all building materials
- In-situ stability - no sagging, no shrinkage, high joint stability
- Low water permeability – due to the porous nature all PU foams can  absorb up ca 20 Vol% water.
- Fire resistance – every organic material burns, same applies to the PU foams.
- Lightness
- low weight                                      
- Chemical resistance - besides special dedicated chemicals, the only way to break chemical bonding of the cured foam is UV radiation
- Convenient usage and application