Insulating your house?
Start with an online tool Ceretherm eCenter!

In this age of high heating costs and increasing environmental issues, it is worth looking for solutions that promote low-energy-demand living. With Ceresit offering complete External Thermal Insulation Systems for the facade, your annual house running costs will be significantly lower and, at the same time, you will be able to have a facade in a style and aesthetics of your own preferences.
Now, as Ceresit have created an online tool Ceretherm eCenter, it is even easier to make a decision concerning insulating your house.

Anyone who considers insulating the house with ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System),
will be happy to discover a new Ceresit on-line support. Ceretherm eCenter is a complete tool with three
user-friendly applications, each of them concentrating on different aspects of the building insulation process.
Ceretherm eCenter can be treated as an all-in-one tool or each application can be used separately.

Ceretherm Thermo Calculator
This application allows you to estimate the benefits of the ETICS system in reference to your own house. Just enter the information on your building as well as your personal
requirements and the application will calculate the general cost of the insulation and period of time required to
recoup the funds expended in an investment. Moreover, the Calculator compares the thermal performance of the building with and without insulation in terms of factors such as: total thermal resistance, water steam temperature and pressure distribution in the wall, power requirements of the building and many more. These calculations vary depending on the chosen insulation material (EPS boards.or mineral wool), its thickness and thermal properties. Most importantly, all the results and data analysis are presented in a readable way with the use of tables and diagrams. This application also provides practical information such as a complete list of materials needed for the ETICS insulation by Ceresit systems. Just simply go through the Calculator to find out the benefits of insulating your house!

System Advisor
Once you have decided to insulate the building, it is time to choose the right solution from the wide range of
Ceresit Ceretherm ETICS systems. The Ceresit offer varies according to the diverse investment needs and level of extended functionality– from the basic Popular system up to highly specialized Impactum. System Advisor presents all of those systems and allows to compare them easily. To find the most suitable Ceresit solution you just go through the easy-to-do test that covers your preferences and specific building requirements. As a result, you get selected systems which are the most tailored to your needs.

Facade Designer
ETICS is not only about the insulation of the building– it is also about facade appearance. The final coating
of the thermal insulation system allows you to create a desired look for the facade. The Facade Designer
application is dedicated to investors who do not want to make a blind choice about the final effect of ETICS
installation, but for those who want to actively create its looks. The application contains the ‘Inspiration’ and
‘Design’ sections, where the first one is the basis of houses completed with Ceresit colours and structures from the Colours of Nature, VISAGE, Intense and Mosaics of the World collections. To make the most of it you can change the final effect, modify the background or in 3D projects rotate the view. With ‘Design’ you can design and visualize your own facade – all you have to do is upload a photo of your house and start applying different Ceresit finishing coats. The application allows you to check all Ceresit solutions to see how they work together on your facade. Additionally, a short test will advise you which Ceresit system precisely meets your house demands and the software will generate a shopping list of all needed Ceresit products. Using Facade Designer is easy and intuitive and you will have great fun creating your own project design. This application features a mobile version for the most popular software systems, Android and iOS, so you can always have your designs and shopping lists at hand, anywhere you are.

Architects Colour System
Colours of Nature Architects Colour System is based on 511 colours from extended Colours of Nature palette dedicated for all Ceresit facade plasters and paints.
This multistage concept is based on 3 levels: basic, extended and complemented, to support the choice of the colour for building’s facade in a best way. Basic level - colour palette has been divided into 4 colouristic groups referring to the source of inspiration taken from the nature (WATER, SAND, EARTH or FOREST). In the second step, colours have been allocated acc to their hues, into 6 distinctive styles, to correspond with architectural approaches to match the chosen style, securing consistency, synergy and optimal result perceived by human’s eye and brain, reflecting certain feelings and evoking moods. The third level includes 9 colour types focusing on chroma, lightness and grey level to complement styles and play with contrast and themes.