Premium Performance with 4X More Dense Structure

WHITETEQ Foams excel with a unique QUATTRO-4X more dense structure which means there are more cells per cubic centimeter of foam.  With this 4X more dense structure, WHITETEQ foams can provide enhanced benefits including:


  • Excellent Thermal Insulation (down to 0,030 W/mK)
  • Maximum Sound Protection (63dB)
  • High Durability and flexibility (>25%)
  • Superior UV Resistance (10X Better)
  • Low Curing pressure

Purified Polymer Technology of WHITETEQ

Ceresit WHITETEQ Insulation foams radically differ from conventional foam.  By changing the product technology, many shortcomings of existing PU foams were solved and unforeseen benefits were achieved, providing improved performance.  WHITETEQ Technology differs with:


  • QUATTRO / 4X More Dense foam structure: Best Insulation Performance
  • High UV light resistance: Long-term Durability
  • Ice-white color: Indicator of High Quality Ingredients
  • Plasticizer-free: Best Adhesion and Premium quality

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Unique Benefits of WHITETEQ

Discover all the performance benefits of the new WHITETEQ Technology.

QUATTRO - 4X More Density in Action

See how the 4X more dense structure of WHITETEQ provides better insulation properties