Expanding Foams

When it comes to insulating, fixing, bonding or filling gaps and wholes on the building site PU foams come into play. With Ceresit's wide range of one component PU foams many neeeds of the professional craftsman or DIY-user can be served. Most commonly foams will be applied to fix windows and doors and at the same time serve as an excellent heat and noise insulator. Besides that Henkel has developed special products for glueing all sorts of materials on the building site, e.g. EPS boards.

New WhiteTeq PU Foam

The unique 4X more dense structure of WHITETEQ provides better PU Foam performance with improved durability and insulation.

Complemetary products

PU foam cleaner for removing fresh uncured PU foam stains as well as unwanted stains of adhesives or paints, from smooth surfaces.

PU Foams

Polyurethane foam insulation products with the best insulation materials known today. PU foams offered by Ceresit are conveniently and efficiently usable solutions.