Interior Finishes

Ceresit is your partner for finishing a building's interiors. Our primers prepare different kinds of substrates and offer the base for a successful installation and secure final result. For interior walls and floors, plastering mortars from Ceresit are designed for levelling uneven surfaces, filling holes and irregularities. For the final touch you can rely on our high quality skim coats to smoothen the surface before final treatment or as finishing layer. To achieve unique decorative finishes, Ceresit now offers a brandnew range of modern design plasters under the name Instyle for the contemporary interior design of walls and floors.

Universal primers

Ceresit's primers offer the base for a perfect installation and secure final result no matter what kind of building work is done

Renders & Skim coats

Ceresit skim coats allow to create ideally smooth, white and durable surfaces of walls & ceilings. Ceresit's Renders & Skim coats are a perfect choice.