Key Facts

CT 14 Deeply-penetrating primer

Universal, acrylic resin primer for absorbent substrates


  • Weather-resistant
  • Surface-strengthening
  • Transparent
  • UV-resistant (no yellowing)
  • for outdoor use


CT 14 is a special deep-acting primer for increasing the surface strength of concrete, plasters and screeds and for sealing porous mineral substrates: e.g. fairfaced concrete and all types of mortars and plasters. For use on walls and floors – only in outdoor areas.

Step By Step


Before applying CT 14, test the load-bearing capacity and strength of the substrate.
Clean the surface and remove any dust. CT 14 is ready-to-use and should be applied undiluted with a brush or roller. After hardening, the surface must be scratchproof. If not, prime again.

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