Key Facts


Fast-acting special primer that ensures a secure bond between ceramic coverings, natural stones, wall & floor screeding compounds and on difficult substrates


  • Powerful adhesion, produces a non-slip surface
  • Quick drying
  • For difficult subtrates, including rigid PVC, tile-on-tile, chipboard, etc.
  • For absorbent and non-absorbant substrates
  • For indoor and outdoor use


CT 19 is a special primer and adhesion promoter to ensure reliable and uniform adhesion on problem substrates.
The rough surface produced by the primer ensures a better bonding. CT 19 also reduces the absorbency of the substrate. Well suited to prevent negative reactions between cement-based and gypsum-bound building materials.

Step By Step

Substrate preparation

Before applying CT 19, test the load-bearing capacity and strength of the substrate. Clean the surface and remove any dust. CT19 is ready-to-use and can be applied with a brush or roller.