Mortars and Auxiliaries

Ceresit mortars and auxiliaries products fulfil different requirements e. g. high compressive strength, short curing time, high adhesive tensile strength and water tightness. Depending on the specific application, mortar products can be chosen from the large Ceresit range which have the desired combination of chemical characteristics. In some cases, admixtures are used to enhance special properties of the concrete. Since it is our desire to offer you all products necessary to install building systems from one source, we also offer special additives to get perfect final results on-site.


Fast-setting & grouting mortars

Fast-setting mortars represent special products that allow secure, fast and simple solution for different applications.

Masonry and repair mortars

Ceresit masonry mortars are ready mixed mineral based products designed for new constructions as well as for renovation purposes.

Concrete repair

Concrete repair mortar to protect damaged or odd concrete structures and reinforce concrete structures.


Mortar additives to enhance special properties of the concrete such as workability, increase the frost resistance, the adhesion or the crack resistance.