Choose the style

All 511 colours from Colours of Nature palette have been divided into 6 distinctive styles, according to their hues. They correspond with different architectural approaches to match the chosen style, securing consistency, synergy and optimal result perceived by human’s eye and brain, reflecting certain feelings and evoking moods. This way each project design can be dedicated to one of 6 styles and thus carefully followed with the support of recommended colour palette.

Each of 6 styles has its symbol and name referring to architectural design and natural inspiration. For the most harmonious effect it is recommended to combine colours within the same style, that carry the same symbol. A little bit more daring but still a harmonious match is combining colours from 2 neighbouring styles. The rules of colour matching between the styles are presented on following subpages.

Urban glamour

A city elegance driven by artistic touch, together creating graceful and splendid effect. Style is completed by details of organic shapes and soft, floral motifs as well as carefully selected elegant, classical colours.

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Land of shapes

Eye-catching play on lines and shapes in practical, modern architecture of cities and suburbs. Natural forms have been transformed into man-made parts and elements – it is nature re-worked and finished with smoky colours.

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City landscape

Style that wins with its timeless and classic character with pure and simple geometric shapes. Although formal and urban, with forms like rocky landscape and rich tones of green and earthy colours it also refers to nature.

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Creative waves

Culmination of hybrid shapes and soft lines that perfectly define ultra-modern, organic trend in the architecture. This young style is charged with energy and supported by fresh and most vivid and stimulating colours.

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Love of nature

With handmade and organic designs supported by comforting tones this style directly expresses love of nature. Friendly and more casual simple shapes make this style perfect for town houses, weekend outings cottages and less formal objects.

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Romantic story

This look is touched by sensitive and delicate romantic design supported by subtle colours and fragile hues. With fine and complex ornaments referring to floral world, style appears peaceful and sensible.

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