Get inspired by Colours of Nature

Colours of Nature is a collection of Ceresit plasters and paints’ colours inspired by the beauty of nature, which abounds with affluence of colours from delicate blues of the oceans and seas, sunny yellows and oranges of beaches, deserts, through intense red-brown earthy shades to the calm greens of forests and hills.

To give architects even more possibilities of facade finishing, Colours of Nature palette has been extended by additional 300 colours which perfectly complement previous 211 building smart colour range and flow. New wider colouristics correspond with both the current and future colour trends and is most suited for building facades including market preferences and cultural heritage. Now Colours of Nature Architects Colour System includes 85 colour lines, each representing 6 shades, divided into 4 groups: WATER, SAND, EARTH and FOREST.


Oceans and seas, freshness and clearness. This is the blue colour that brings peace and comfort with the positive thinking. Within this group we give you a wide choice of shades from very fair blues to the most intensive ones. Choose the clear blue of Pacific, frosty beauty of Arctic or Antarctica, variations of trendy blue-gray from Azores and Bermudas, deep blue of Polynesia waters or tones inspired by other exotic islands like Hawaii or Samoa.


California and Ibiza sunny landscapes, Barbados and Jamaica beaches, volcanic, grey sands of Stromboli island and vast deserts of the world were the inspiration for this group of colours. Perfect choice for those who like warm, friendly yellows and fair beiges. These are the colours that stimulate optimism and joy of life and bring memories of sunny Crete or Majorca holidays.


Andalusia and Umbria browns, pink rocks of Arizona and brown-orange tones straight from Calabria and Algarve are the examples of this largest colour group. It represents love for nature and tradition and the basic need of being close to the earth around you. Authentic colours like Nubia’s brick red or fiery tones of Mexico and Capadoccia are always beautiful, regardless of quick fashions and moods.


Peace, harmony and love for the nature.These are the greens of Montana or Sumatra landscape, Toscana hills, Borneo or Java jungle and many other beautiful regions of the world. Fair or dark, pure green or bluish – all these colours find their lovers. They will make each house a part of the nature and a harmonious element of local landscape.