Concrete Repair System

Ceresit PCC for the effective and long-lasting repair of balconies

Many balconies are subject to corrosion caused by chemical and mechanical factors. But such damage can be effectively repaired. Ceresit designed its PCC system for exactly this purpose. It is compatible with concrete of class B15 up - the product that was used for building balconies in the 1990ies.

Step 1

Chisel off the corroded parts of the concrete. Remove the damaged layers of flooring, plaster and insulation. Clean the concrete surface.

Step 2

If the corrosion has already affected the reinforcement, remove the concrete in this area to reach uncorroded parts. Clean the reinforcing steel bars manually or mechanically until the bare metal is exposed, then clean with compressed air.

Step 3

Apply an anti-corrosion layer of Ceresit CD 30 on the previously cleaned steel bars. They should be wet during application of CD 30.

Step 4

Moisten the prepared concrete area with water until the surface appears to be slightly damp. Now apply a contact layer of Ceresit CD 30.

Step 5

After a drying time of 30-60 minutes when the contact layer is still slightly damp, apply one of the repair mortars in the Ceresit PCC system: either CD 25 or 26 - depending on the required layer thickness and depth of the cavity.

Step 6

Finally, use the fine-grained filler CD 24 to produce a smooth surface.

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