Walkable roof system

Waterproofing and surface protection

Based on the Guideline ETAG 005, CP 30 has been classified as P2 “moderate” in the user load category (only accessible for roof maintenance). At high humidity or low temperatures, CP 30 tends to dry more slowly. With the addition of CP 35 Hardener, the user load category P3 ”normal” is reached which allows low pedestrian traffic. By adding the hardener, drying is accelerated – even in bad weather or at low temperatures.


CP 30, already a tried-and-tested product for quality waterproofing, offers even higher performance and greater versatility when adding the CP 35 Hardener.

  • Accessibility: (ETAG 005: P3) Allows any-time access to the technical installations on the roof.
  • Faster drying: Ensures a perfect and fast result.
  • Independent of weather changes: Makes you more flexible in your daily schedule.
  • Consistent ease of application: The effortless application saves your strength and relieves your back.