WINTeQ Insultation systems

The technical advancement of building components (e.g. triple glass windows, ETICS, etc.) transforms buildings into smart, energy saving and healthy environments. New windows and well insulated facades provide a comfortable indoor climate, avoid damages (e.g. mold formation) and reduces energy costs. The functionality of those components is only given when all joint connections are sealed correctly. WINTeQ is a high performance and perfectly matched system portfolio that includes sealing foils, foams, adhesives, joint fillers etc. and seals components according to building physic requirements and respective guidelines.

The main tasks of the WINTeQ system is to meet the requirements of a connection joint as listed below:

  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Protection of wind and driving rain
  • Airtightness
  • Movement compensation

In detail WINTeQ especially focuses on the respective challenges of each of the 3 sealing layers:

  • The outside layer is wind and driving rain resistant, even for high constructions 
  • The layer in the middle ensures optimal thermal and sound insulation to shield the interior against heat losses and high level noise pollution. 
  • Airtightness is achieved in the inner layer in order to provide a comfortable and sustainable indoor climate.

Teroson WINTeQ ensures the seamless building envelope and completes the insulation. Easy and fast application, long lasting performance, “all-weather technology” and flexible adjustability to every situation are properties that make Teroson WINTeQ an indispensable element of the modern way of construction.