What Is Ceresit Easy Fix?

  • Ready to use tile adhesive: just open the bucket and start applying
  • Dust free for a clean environment
  • For easy application of ceramic, pocerlaine & natural stones
  • Extended open time for easy applications
  • Perfect for wall application with non-slip properties

Ceresit Easy Fix

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Easy Fix Features And Application Guidelines


For dry/intermittently wet areas (kitchens & bathrooms)

Usable with fine stoneware

For tiles up to 40 x 40 cm

Usable with natural stone (non-sensitive)

Suitable for concrete, gypsum & chipboard substrates

Slip resistance for perfect wall application

Usable with mosaic tiles

Suitable for small repairs and fast applications

Open time up to 30 minutes

How To Use The Product

Before use, mix the adhesive thoroughly in the original container to achieve creamy consistency (Optional).

Apply Ceresit Easy Fix with a notch trowel using the thin-bed method. First apply with the flat side of the trowel to get a contact layer, then use the notch side.

Remove excess adhesive with water while still fresh; use dispersion paint remover for hardened material.Grouting is possible after 24 -48 hours depending on the substrate.

Tile Adhesives Classification

Quality of tile adhesives is regulated by a number of European standards. These make sure that key characteristics of the product meet the minimum requirements.

Three types of adhesives are distinguished based on EN 12004 in terms of:

  • Cementitious = C1&C2
  • Reaction = R1&R2
  • Dispersion = D1&D2

Ceresit Easy Fix fulfills D2TE norm

Tile adhesives classification

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