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The structural-physical necessities of facade and window installation

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Under the roof of the WINTeQ Europe, Henkel offers sealing and bonding solutions to facade builders and window installers – across borders, state of the art and of premium quality. Henkel‘s team of technical advisors provides active support beyond national boundaries, based on many years of practical experience. Henkel‘s range of systems and services is in a class of its own and therefore attractive for all window-making and metal-working companies – no matter whether they operate on a regional, national or international scale.

A quality window must go hand in hand with quality installation – only then can the desired result be produced in the building envelope. Especially in the construction of curtain walls, no project is like the other. The demands on facade geometry, function and appearance often push planners, engineers and contracting companies to their limits. We enable our partners to translate unique architectural design into reality by providing expert waterproofing advice.

TEROSON – a brand of Henkel adhesive technologies.

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We know that modern facade constructions are becoming increasingly individual and complex, and that the demands on you are growing all the time. We therefore offer the comprehensive solutions you need to safely master every bonding and sealing job on any type of facade. Our well matched, innovative product systems are supplemented by expert advice and service packages. You can always count on us – not only as an expert with 30 years of experience, but also as a true partner at your side.

HENKEL. The perfect partner for your success

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  1. Outstanding product quality
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The structural-physical necessities of facade and window installation

In order to ensure optimum performance of the building envelope, windows do not only need to be manufactured to a high quality standard but also expertly installed. In the end, only a 100 % tight building envelope is a well-functioning building envelope. It does not make sense to invest in high-quality windows, insulation and cladding and not make sure that the gaps and joints on facades and windows are properly sealed with quality materials. Failure to do so will result in trouble, eventually causing substantial structural damage.

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There are 6 main factors to consider:

  1. Physically correct positioning of the window in the building structure
  2. Proper fastening of the window in the building structure
  3. Air- and watertight sealing of the connection joints
  4. Reliable protection against moisture (vapor diffusion gradient)
  5. Sound and heat insulation of the connection joints (between components and building shell)
  6. Prevention of thermal bridges
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The following standards and technical regulations must be observed when installing window and facade elements:

  1. Weather protection (EnEG, GEG)
  2. Thermal insulation against heat and cold (EnEV, GEG)
  3. Moisture protection (condensate, driving rain, DIN 4108, VOB/C DIN 18360)
  4. Sound insulation (DIN 4109)
  5. Fire protection (DIN 13501)

Sealing of a building – Levels

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Basically, sealing of a building element is performed on 3 different levels.

  • The outer sealing layer must be resistant to driving rain while allowing vapor to diffuse.
  • The middle sealing layer provides thermal and acoustic insulation of the connection joint. It must also absorb movements of the structural element caused, for example, by opening or closing the window or by wind loads acting on the element.
  • The inner sealing layer must be airtight and ensure that the building is inside tighter than outside. In addition, a vapor retarder of > 40 m must be installed inside the building when sealing the joints. Naturally, special constructions require special sealing solutions where the sealing system needs to be modified. But these solutions do not represent the standard.
  • Facade Connection

    Buildings are by no means rigid structures. Rather, they consist of the most diverse materials and components. 

  • Window and door connections

    The expert sealing of the building envelope, especially of the connection joints between window resp. window element and building structure, is of paramount importance. 

  • Products

    Under the brand name TEROSON, Henkel offers high-end sealing solutions for professional window and facade installers. 

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