Advantages of Ceresit Polymer Plasters


Minimize costs due to shorter application process, less labour costs and shorter scaffolding time.


Facade ready in just 1 day thanks to ready-to-use formula and no extra drying time.


Benefit from long-lasting effects thanks to perfect texture and higher resistance of the advanced formula.


Profit & speed

Gain up to 5 days of the application process in comparison with Mineral Plasters. The entire application process can be run smoothly with much shorter waiting time. After only 1 day from the rendering mortar application, the plaster can be applied on the wall, already in a selected colour. There is no need to wait for the plaster to dry up in order to proceed with the work.


Thanks to polymer formula there is no need to mix it with water, like in case of Mineral Plasters. It allows to stay independent to a water source, there is also less dust, therefore cleaning, on the site. Ready-to-use formula guarantees proper consistency and working parameters, shortening the application time.

Application & colouring

Feel the difference of an immediate colour for a smart and stylish facade in comparison to the application process with Mineral Plasters lasting for up to 7 days. That kind of colouring ensures better time resistance due to a thicker layer.



Higher durability

Changing weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to the facade. Hail or frost have negative impact on the appearance of the building as well as on the actual durability of the insulation. Dangerous thermal stress coming from quick changes in temperature can lead to scratches and cracks. Whereas intensive rainfalls can lead to further corrosion of the system structure.

Increased mechanical resistance

Increased hardness of the Polymer Plasters versus Mineral ones insures higher durability of the insulation system. That means facade is less prone to mechanical factors related to operations of the building, which in time may lead to the destruction of the entire system. Due to the thicker and stronger layer of Polymer Plasters mechanical damages can only reach the surface leaving inner coating intact.

30 times higher flexibility

Modern technology used in polymer based plasters made them far more flexible versus mineral ones. The ready to use formula, with specific polymers and fillers, compensate efficiently thermal stress and possible movements of the building walls, making Polymer Plasters more resistant to unfavourable weather conditions such as: strong UV radiation, large temperature amplitude between day and night, rainfall and frost, just to name a few. A polymer based plaster is perfectly designed to avoid scratches, cracks and corrosion of the system’s structure.

No cracks

Knowing that any changes to a surface will affect deeper layers of the insulation system the impact resistance for a polymer based plasters was designed to be significantly higher than the one for mineral ones. Protecting the facade against different outside factors such as hail reduce the possibility of serious mechanical damage to the final layers of the building insulation.

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