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About Ceresit

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Ceresit is a brand with the longest tradition in Henkel's adhesive offer. It is one of the best known and highest rated brands of construction chemicals in the world. Today, Ceresit is perceived as an expert in the field of tiling, insulation and sealing, and our systems are used by professionals from the construction industry in countries around the world! We run our business in a responsible manner, ensuring that there is always an appropriate balance between what the environment provides to us and our products, and what we give to the environment and local communities in accordance with the principle of sustainable development.

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Construction projects are complex and require specialized products. All the solutions we offer are based on consistent quality and long-time experience gained through the course of our history. The partnerships with craftsmen and specialized trade are the basis for our successful business. Our main aim is to be a trusted and reliable building partner for the professional craftsmen. Focusing on our core values Innovation, Sustainability, Technical expertise and Quality, we strive to provide you with innovative, high quality solutions that are best-suited to your needs. Ceresit stands not only for reliability and professional quality – but also for improving energy efficiency and protecting natural resources.

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    Find out how to apply our products in short, comprehensive tutorials and videos 

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  • Our History

    The Ceresit brand has over 100 year history of constant growth and expansion. 

  • Our fields of competence

    Technical expertise for professional solutions in Tiling, waterproofing, Flooring, Interior finishes and Thermal insulation systems. 

  • Our Partner Brands

    Discover Ceresit's partner brands - each experts in specific building products and markets 

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