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Professional tile-laying requires a lot of experience and the latest generation of optimum products for a wide range of different surfaces and materials.


  • Standard Adhesives (Powder)
    Standard Adhesives (Powder)
  • Flex Adhesives (Powder)
    Flex Adhesives (Powder)
  • Special Adhesives
    Special Adhesives
  • Reactive Adhesives
    Reactive Adhesives


  • Standard Grouts
    Standard Grouts
  • Flex Grouts
    Flex Grouts
  • Special & Dispersion Grouts
    Special & Dispersion Grouts
  • Epoxy Grouts
    Epoxy Grouts


  • 1-K Sealing (Disp./Cement.)
    1-K Sealing (Disp./Cement.)
  • 2-K Sealing (Disp/Cement/React)
    2-K Sealing (Disp/Cement/React)
  • Sealing Tapes/Membranes/Others
    Sealing Tapes/Membranes/Others


    Tiling – After Care
    Tiling – Primers


  • How to prepare floor substrate for tiling

    How to prepare cementitious floor for easy-going tiling. 

  • How to install tiles and slabs with epoxy adhesives?

    The step by step guide how to apply slabs or tiles with Ceresit CE 79 / CE 89 Epoxy mortar. 

  • A-Type waterproofing and tiling of a ground level terrace

    Find out how to install terrace layers properly. 

  • How to grout tiles and slabs with epoxy grouts?

    How to apply and grout mosaics with epoxy adhesive. 

  • How to measure the substrate moisture

    Never skip this step. Residual moisture measurement. 

  • How to apply tile adhesives properly

    Apply tile adhesive in a proper way. 

  • Tiling with CM 77 on difficult substrates

    Tiling on difficult substrates with Ceresit CM 77 adhesive 

  • How to make a private bathroom waterproof
    How to make a private bathroom waterproof

    Waterproof insulation in private showers & bathrooms. 


  • Premium Tiling System
    Providing Tiling Solutions
  • Laying Large Tiles
    Laying Large Tiles
  •  Preparation – testing the substrate
    Preparation – Testing The Substrate
  • Terraces, balconies and patios
    Terraces, Balconies And Patios
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens
    Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • Swimming & Wellness
    Swimming & Wellness
  • Tiling In Industrial Buildings
    Tiling In Industrial Buildings
  • Solutions For Special Formats & Substrates
    Solutions For Special Formats & Substrates
  • Heated floor systems
    Heated Floor Systems
  • Sound-reduction / Decoupling System
    Sound-reduction / Decoupling System


  • Museum of the Future
    Museum of the Future

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

  • Industry Tower
    Industry Tower

    Santiago de Chile, Chile 

  • Tower Santa Maria
    Tower Santa Maria

    Santiago de Chile, Chile 

  • Metro Station Expansion
    Metro Station Expansion

    Santiago de Chile, Chile 

  • Santiago Costanera Center
    Santiago Costanera Center

    Santiago de Chile, Chile 

  • Building Santa Elvira
    Building Santa Elvira

    Santiago de Chile, Chile 

  • Territory 3000
    Territory 3000

    Santiago de Chile, Chile 

  • Regional Theatre BioBio
    Regional Theatre BioBio

    Concepción, Chile 

  • Building Concept Best Ñuñoa
    Building Concept Best Ñuñoa

    Santiago de Chile, Chile 

  • Cultural Center Gabriela Mistral
    Cultural Center Gabriela Mistral

    Santiago de Chile, Chile 

  • Hospital Ancud
    Hospital Ancud

    Chiloé, Chile 

  • Telephone Towers
    Telephone Towers

    Santiago de Chile, Chile