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Perfectly matched components that cope with diverse surfaces and materials at every step.

  • Premium Tiling System
    Providing Tiling Solutions
  • Laying Large Tiles
    Laying Large Tiles
  •  Preparation – testing the substrate
    Preparation – Testing The Substrate
  • Terraces, balconies and patios
    Terraces, Balconies And Patios
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens
    Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • Swimming & Wellness
    Swimming & Wellness
  • Tiling In Industrial Buildings
    Tiling In Industrial Buildings
  • Solutions For Special Formats & Substrates
    Solutions For Special Formats & Substrates
  • Heated floor systems
    Heated Floor Systems
  • Sound-reduction / Decoupling System
    Sound-reduction / Decoupling System


A carefully selected range of ETICS components that provide reliable, high-quality insulation.

  • Ceretherm Aquastatic
    Ceretherm Aquastatic

    Insulates and resists water and humidity effects. 

  • Ceretherm Popular
    Ceretherm Popular

    Reliable and popular thermal insulation 

  • Ceretherm Aquastatic Wool
    Ceretherm Aquastatic Wool

    Mineral Wool vapour permeable insulation resistant to water and humidity 

  • Ceretherm Self Clean
    Ceretherm Self Clean

    Advanced insulation system with self-cleaning properties 

  • Ceretherm Self Clean Wool
    Ceretherm Self Clean Wool

    Self-cleaning durable Mineral Wool insulation 

  • Ceretherm Solar Protect
    Ceretherm Solar Protect

    Insulates and increases the resistance to solar radiation 

  • Ceretherm Aero Wool
    Ceretherm Aero Wool

    The most breathable and non-flammable insulation 

  • Ceretherm Express
    Ceretherm Express

    Super fast and convenient lightweight insulation 

  • Ceretherm Impactum
    Ceretherm Impactum

    The ultimate durability and protection against any impacts 

  • Ceretherm Slim
    Ceretherm Slim

    Slim size insulation with top performance 

  • Ceretherm Ceramic
    Ceretherm Ceramic

    Insulation and durability with a timeless design 

  • Ceretherm Sockel
    Ceretherm Sockel

    Base insulation and protection 


High-quality protection to prevent the penetration of water in any form.

  • Basements & Foundations
    Basements & Foundations
  • Concrete Protection
    Concrete Protection
  • Terraces, balconies and patios
    Terraces, balconies and patios
  • Pools & Wet Areas
    Pools & Wet Areas
  • Bathroom & Kitchens
    Bathroom & Kitchens


Systems with maximum assurance in flooring technology and guaranteed optimum results.

  • Moisture Measurement & Substrate Preparation
  • Leveling
  • System Solutions


Patented grouting materials are a reliable and durable solution with significantly less effort.

  • Concrete Repair System
  • Anchoring & Fixing

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