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For over 20 years, Henkel has been offering a comprehensive range of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) with high compatibility and reliability of all its elements, confirmed by local and European approvals and evaluations. Each year over 25 mln m2 of Ceresit ETICS systems are installed across the globe.

Our Ceresit Ceretherm systems significantly lower down energy consumption of the building and its costs, ensure comfortable and balanced temperature inside your house, raise its market value with energy passport and protect the environment.

  • Sustainability

What is equally important, Ceresit offers many thermal options for all types of buildings, depending on their requirements and your needs. Whether you are looking for a thermal insulation highly resistant to algae and fungi contamination, slim in size due to limited living space or an extra durable one, you can find it in our portfolio. All this and much more with Ceresit's guarantee of the highest quality and expertise.

Moreover, with a diverse offer of final coatings, our systems not only protect facades, but also make them look appealing and trendy. They were designed to help you express your specific preferences and style. Take a look at our coloristic pallets of Colours of Nature, Intense or natural effect plasters line of Visage with different structures, which are perfectly compatible with all our systems.

  • Colours of Nature

    Show your personality by choosing stunning colours of plasters and paints for your house facade. 

  • Visage

    Facade. Nature. Design. Your home - your Visage 

  • Ceretherm Aquastatic
    Ceretherm Aquastatic

    Insulates and resists water and humidity effects. 

  • Ceretherm Popular
    Ceretherm Popular

    Reliable and popular thermal insulation 

  • Ceretherm Aquastatic Wool
    Ceretherm Aquastatic Wool

    Mineral Wool vapour permeable insulation resistant to water and humidity 

  • Ceretherm Self Clean
    Ceretherm Self Clean

    Advanced insulation system with self-cleaning properties 

  • Ceretherm Self Clean Wool
    Ceretherm Self Clean Wool

    Self-cleaning durable Mineral Wool insulation 

  • Ceretherm Solar Protect
    Ceretherm Solar Protect

    Insulates and increases the resistance to solar radiation 

  • Ceretherm Aero Wool
    Ceretherm Aero Wool

    The most breathable and non-flammable insulation 

  • Ceretherm Express
    Ceretherm Express

    Super fast and convenient lightweight insulation 

  • Ceretherm Impactum
    Ceretherm Impactum

    The ultimate durability and protection against any impacts 

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