Double Dry

The technology

During the years of its lifetime, each facade is exposed to unfavorable weather condition. While dust, dirt, soot and pollution negatively affect facade appearance, rain and moisture accumulation can increase the risk of biological contamination. All these factors can result in facade’s discoloration and gradual corrosion of the whole ETICS system.

To avoid those problems, Ceresit silicone plasters have been empowered by Double Dry technology:

  1. Plasters are hydrophobic and extremely resistant to water absorption,
  2. They dry out much faster thanks to perfect vapour permeability.


Hydrophobic effect

Water droplets do not penetrate the plaster’s structure, but keep the round shape and run down the facade.

Highest resistance to water absorption

Plasters surface and inner structure is well protected against water uptake; it does not get wet easily.

Perfect vapour diffusion

Dense structure of the plaster is water resistant, but in the same time highly vapor permeable. Any moisture left after heavy rainfalls is moved outside easily and plaster's structure dries out thoroughly very quickly.

Quick drying

Thanks to the double mechanism, the plaster's surface dries out very quickly and is resistant to moisture accumulation.

Ceresit silicone plaster unique formula is based on specially selected components:


Combination of highly functional polymers dispersions builds strong, waterproof, antistatic but highly vapour permeable micro- structure.

Special additives and hydrophobic agents to even more strengthen resistance to water penetration and accumulation.

Modified mix of silica binders building 3D net structures into plaster’s layer make it even more dense, smooth and durable and thus less prone to dirt adherence and water absorption.

This microstructure is responsible for the long life of the plaster and supports physical properties:

  • weather and impact resistance
  • resistance to dirt and water uptake
  • self-cleaning
  • colour stability


Due to antistatic and hydrophobic properties of the plaster, dirt particles are repelled from it’s surface and their adhesion ability is lowered. Impurities left on the facade are finally carried away with the water and wind.


Less dirt and dry surface mean that organic particles do not have favorable conditions for growth, and drop away from the plaster's surface. As a result risk of fungi and algae development is minimized.


Strong and dense structure increases resistance to temperature fluctuations and mechanical impacts. Plaster is more flexible, what prevents the appearance of micro-cracks.

In effect, Ceresit silicone plasters work as invisible protective cover and facade remains clean and intact for long time.

As the house owner you can simply enjoy the numerous benefits from long-time attractive look of the facade. Cleaning and renovation periods are extended and maintenance costs are lower. Deeper layers of ETICS are perfectly protected thus system works properly and optimizes the energy consumption. All those things impact on high market value of the property. 


Benefits for investors