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Smog - our no. 1 enemy

Poor air quality is an ongoing topic in all media. No surprises there - smog is a serious issue for everybody. How pollution affects us?




Where is this coming from?

House Gas Emissions (so called "low emissions") are by far the biggest source of air pollution! hey cause up to 46% of PM10 particles in the air – the main source of smog in the cities, and up to 84% of benzopyrene emission - one of main cause of cancer like skin, lungs, bladder cancer in humans.


Building thermo-renovation is an effective way to minimize the emission and visibly improve the air quality in your neighborhood. ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) is a tested solution for insulation the exterior walls of a building.

However, many myths still persist despite many educational campaigns. Let's take a look on some of them:


Many people are aware of the main source of pollution and upgrade their furnaces. Unfortunately, in the event of an increased heat loss, replacing the furnace will not bring expected results. Research shows that the cause of up to 35% of carbon dioxide emissions is inefficient thermal insulation! In many cases, thermo-renovation should therefore also apply to the sealing of a heated building.

Let's see where the heat escape the most.

ETICS - the highest quality solution 

ETICS is an ideal solution for people who care about thermal comfort in their own home, as well as for those who are looking for their home budget savings.

Ceresit offers a wide range of solutions, tailored to individual needs. 


CT 76 - Plaster with UV Protect Technology