Features and Benefits

For conductive PVC and rubber flooring


  • Light color and conductive
  • Particularly high bonding strength
  • Ready for use

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Very low-emission, special conductive dispersion adhesive for:


  • Conductive PVC sheet and tile flooring
  • Conductive rubber sheet (up to 3.5 mm thickness) and tiles (up to 2.5 mm thickness)

Conductive PVC flooring is laid on pretreated substrates equipped with a transverse conductive layer. Rubber flooring is laid on absorbent substrates without Ceresit R 762 Conductive Base Coat. Recommended e.g. for operation theaters and computer rooms, laboratories and in potentially explosive production and storage areas.

Step by step

Step 1

Substrates must be clean, free from structural defects, firm, dry and free of substances which may impair adhesion.

Step 2

To level off any substrate unevenness, first treat with the appropriate primer and then apply the recommended levelling compound.

Step 3

Apply the adhesive evenly to the substrate with a S1 notched trowel. See more details for the application of the product (wet bonding, contact bonding)  in the Technical Data Sheet.