Features and Benefits

For PVC flooring on absorbent substrates


  • Solvent-free and low-emission
  • High coverage
  • Very high initial tack and final bonding strength

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High-performance wet-bed dispersion adhesive for bonding homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC sheets and tiles, flexible quartz vinyl tiles as well as foam- and PVC-backed carpets on absorbent substrates.

Step by step

Substrate preparation

Substrates must be clean, free from struc tural defects, firm, dry and free of substances which may impair adhesion. After mechanical pretreatment (e. g. grinding/vacuuming), prepare the substrate with suitable primers and levelling compounds so that it is ready to receive floor coverings.


See more details for the preparation of the substrate in the Technical Data Sheet.


Stir the adhesive well and apply evenly to the substrate with a suitable trowel. To ensure good wetting of the backing of the floor covering, apply adhesive only to a substrate area that can be laid while the adhesive is still wet. After an initial open time of approx. 10 minutes lay in the floor covering in the wet adhesive bed, avoiding any air pockets and rub down carefully. The covering material must be free of tension and lie flat on the substrate, otherwise weight it down. Avoid rucking at the seams.


See more details for the application of the product  in the Technical Data Sheet.