Features and Benefits

For PVC coverings on absorbent substrates


  • Solvent-free & low-emission
  • High coverage
  • Very high initial tack and final bonding
  • Strength

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When describing the UK 400, the terms “allrounder” and “specialist” are no contradictions because the product is both: versatile in use, but at the same highly specialized in its respective application field. Just one bucket of UK 400 – this is enough for nearly all standard installations of textile and resilient flooring.

Step by step

Step 1

Substrates must  be clean, free from structural defects, firm, dry and free of substances which may impair adhesion.

Step 2

After mechanical pretreatment (e.g. grinding/vacuuming), prepare the substrate with suitable primers and levelling compounds so that it is ready to receive floor coverings.

Step 3

Apply the adhesive evenly to the substrate with a suitable notched trowel. See more details for the application of the product (wet bonding, contact bonding)  in the Technical Data Sheet.