Features and Benefits

Reliable moisture barrier effect: up to 6 CM% on cement screeds, up to 7 CM% on concrete floors. Also suitable for producing an epoxy resin screed


  • Highly efficient barrier against residual moisture
  • Highly resistant to loads and stresses
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Suitable for PAH decontamination
  • Very low emissions

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In the primer segment, the 2-component Epoxy Safety Primer R 755 is Ceresit’s most powerful weapon against rising moisture. It reliably seals cement screeds up to a residual moisture content of up to 6 % CM and concrete floors up to 7 % CM moisture. It is also suitable for strengthening difficult substrates.

Step by step

Step 1

The substrates must be clean, crackfree, sound, dry, and free of substances that would impair adhesion. Mechanically remove old coverings and all residues of adhesives and screeding compounds that do not firmly adhere to the substrate. Always sand down calcium sulphate screeds and vacuum off the surface.

Step 2

The primer consists of a resin and a hardener supplied in separate compartments of a tin canister. Use a sharp, pointed tool to punch several holes through the plastic plug and the bottom of the top container which acts as a lid. 

Step 3

Lift the top container slightly to allow the hardener to drain completely into the canister below. Then carefully mix resin and hardener using a hand drill with stirring attachment for at least 2 minutes. If available, use a continuously adjustable stirrer.