Features and Benefits

Rigid, water- and solvent-free, 2-component wood flooring adhesive for all types of wood flooring and all timber species


  • Suitable for all types of wood flooring and timber species
  • Water- and solvent-free
  • Cures irrespective of the layer thickness

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You want to prevent your hardwood floor from expanding and contracting in response to climatic changes over the year? Then there’s a solution: rigid bonding with P 625. The water- and solvent-free, 2-component polyurethane adhesive does not allow any movement of the wood flooring – even when installing hardwood of unusually large dimensions.

Step by step

Step 1

Substrates must be clean, free from structural defects, firm, dry and free of substances which may impair adhesion. Thoroughly grind and vacuum off new substrates in order to free them from dust and adhesion-inhibiting layers.

Step 2

The adhesive consists of two components (resin and hardener) supplied in separate compartments of the bucket. Use a sharp pointed tool to punch several holes through the plastic plug and the bottom of the top container, which acts as the bucket lid. 

Step 3

Lift the top container slightly to allow the hardener to drain completely into the bucket below. Carefully mix the resin and hardener using an electric drill and stirer attachement for at least 2 minutes, until the mixture is homogenous.