Features and Benefits

Ultra-smooth and low-dust rapid levelling compound for levelling floors – ready for covering after just 90 minutes


  • Ready to receive flooring after just 90 minutes
  • Low dust load for a cleaner workplace
  • Excellent self-levelling properties
  • Ultra-smooth surface – easier application and reduced amount of adhesive
  •  Very high strength (even suitable under wood flooring)

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The first rapid levelling compound with low-dust formulation allows flooring installation in record time. Just about 90 minutes after application, XXL XPRESS can already be covered with flooring – no matter which type.    

Thanks to this high drying speed, XXL is a real time-saver on site. Just compare: Depending on the layer thickness, the drying process and time needed for reaching the final strength can take up to 48 hours with conventional compounds, e.g. before wood flooring can be installed.

Step by step

Step 1

Substrates should be clean, free from structural defects, firm, permanently dry, and free of release agents. The ingress of moisture into the floor structure must always be prevented by suitable measures (e.g. waterproofing membranes, barrier primers).

Step 2

Fill the predefined amount of clean water into a clean mixing vessel and then add XXL XPRESS. Mix with a suitable stirrer for approx. 2 minutes until the mixture is free of lumps. 

Step 3

Apply the levelling compound in the required layer thickness using a squeegee or smoothing trowel. For a layer thickness greater than 10 mm up to max. 20 mm, XXL XPRESS should be bulked out with 30 % fire-dried quartz sand of grain size 0 – 2 mm.


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