Features and Benefits

Penetrating primer


  • ideal for finishing skim coats, paint coats and decorative coatings  
  • reduces substrate absorbency  
  • strengthens the substrate surface 
  • vapour permeable  
  • facilitates application of subsequent layers of materials 
  • fast drying formulation  
  • reduce paint consumption

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The Ceresit IN 10 formulation is used for priming sufficiently strong but absorbent substrate before laying the skimming compound, decorative patching compound or painting.  The primed surfaces are much less absorbent, which prevents excessively fast drying of materials applied later.  The formulation penetrates the substrate and binds  the aggregate grains, however without increasing the strength parameters in the substrate cross-section. It also ensures uniform drying of the whole surface, which gives the primed surface uniform absorption capacity.

How to apply

Step 1

Shake the contents of the package several times.

Step 2

Apply the formulation onto the substrate with a paint roller  or brush. IN 10 dries within approximately 2 hours.

Step 3

If after drying of the formulation the substrate is still absorbent,  priming must be repeated. Tools and fresh stains should be washed with water.