Features and Benefits

Finish skim coat for final smoothing


  • High-quality finishing
  • Matt-white
  • High adhesion
  • Permeability to vapours
  • Long application time

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The finish skim coat Ceresit CT 127 plaster is designed for covering traditionally plastered surfaces and concrete surfaces, in a max. 2 mm layer. The finishing is done traditionally by polishing with abrasive paper. The surface covered with Ceresit CT 127 shall become perfectly smooth and immaculate white, so that it can represent the end finishing (it can remain unpainted). Should you wish to do so the plaster coat may be painted after drying with dispersion paints and even with mineral support paints. This finish skim coat may be used indoors in dry areas free of permanent humidity. 


How to apply

Step 1

Ceresit CT 127 may be used on dry, dense, rough, clean surfaces which are free from anti-adhesive substances (fats, bitumens, dusts). See more details for the substrate preparation of the product in the Technical Data Sheet

Step 2

Ceresit CT 127 shall be introduced in the measured volume of clean, clear, cold water and shall be stirred by a paddle mixer until an uniform, lump free mass is obtained. The stirring shall be repeated after 10 minutes.

Step 3

After being thus prepared, the plaster coat Ceresit CT 127 shall be applied in an uniform layer on the substrate, using the iron trowel. Layers applied on the wall and dried may be very easily finished by damping with water and smoothing with the iron trowel, thus achieving a very fine, almost shiny surface. 

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