Features and Benefits

Universal PU Adhesive

1K aerosol gun expanding adhesive


  • Bonding building blocks
  • Bonding gypsum and OSB boards on walls
  • Filling of minor cavities
  • Application in low temperatures and at high humidity
  • Bonding stair steps
  • Bonding window sills

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One-component, moisture cure ready to use, super-efficient universal polyurethane expanding adhesive. The product allows you to finish your work with significantly less effort and helps you saving up to 50% of your working time. Eliminates thermal bridges and offers high bonding strength covering requirements of masonry mortar (EN 998-2). Adhesive has excellent adhesion on most building materials like wood, concrete, stone, metal etc.  Product does not contain CFC-propellants.

Step by step

Substrate preparation


Clean the surface of any contaminants such as grease, dirt, bitumen and dust. Make sure that the application surfaces are free from loose particles before adhesive is applied. The aerated concrete blocks must be dry. Other surfaces can be moist, but not frosted or iced. Remains of anti-adhesive substances, vapourtight paint coats and coatings with low adhesion should be completely removed.



  • Shake the can vigorously before use (15 - 20 times).
  • Remove the plastic cap from the can and screw the can tightly onto the gun.
  • When working with the gun always keep the can upside down.
  • The outflow rate of the foam is controlled by pressing gun trigger.
  • Dispense the foam sparingly, according to application instructions by application type on page 2
  • Repeat shaking regularly during application.
  • It is not recommendable to remove the can before it is totally empty.
  • When replacing the can shake the new can vigorously.
  • Unscrew the empty can and replace it immediately to ensure that there is no air left in the gun.
  • If you do not want to replace the can, remove the foam from the gun using
  • PU foam cleaner. Hardened foam can only be removed mechanically.