Features and Benefits

Grouting mortar

Mortar for high-strength grouting, anchoring and assembly


  • Very high strength
  • Fast hardening
  • High flowability
  • Non-shrink and low-stress
  • Resistant to frost and de-icing salt
  • Water and frost resistant
  • Free of chloride and aluminous cement, does not cause corrosion of metal elements

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Ceresit CX 15 STRONG is a mortar for high-strength grouting, anchoring and assembly with optimal flowability and working time up to 60 minutes. It is water and frost resistant, so it is a safe solution for indoor and outdoor applications.

Ceresit CX 15 STRONG can be used for:

  • grouting joints between prefabricated members and in-situ concrete, lintels and wells outlets
  • grouting bridge bearings, posts, beams support, crane rails and machine basis
  • grouting steel inserts and anchors in concrete
  • underpinning brickwork in order to achieve cavity free anchoring e.g. of securing bolts
  • filling openings and recesses in concrete and cavities in floors.

Clearance between the edge of the anchoring element and the edge of the mounting hole should be 20-50 mm. With grouting depths or widths of 50-100 mm extend mortar with 25% dolomite aggregate fraction 4/8 mm or basaltic fraction 4/8 mm or 8/16 mm. For fast anchoring of small metal parts use Ceresit CX 5 EXPRESS rapid assembly mortar.

Step by step

Substrate preparation


Ceresit CX 15 STRONG adheres to both steel and solid, load-bearing, clean and moist concrete, free of substances that may impair adhesion such as: fats, bituminous, dust. Dirt, anti-adhesive substances and paint coatings must be completely removed.


The concrete substrate must be opened-pored, rough and have a good keying structure. Thoroughly pre-wet the concrete, but free of puddles. Check the clearance of mounting element is not less than 20 mm between the edge of mounting hole and anchor.



Add the material into a measured quantity of 2 l of clean water and premix with a compulsory- type mixer or electric drill with stirrer attachment until homogeneous, completely free of lumps. Then add about 0.9 l of water until the appreciate consistency is reached and mix for a further 5 minutes. Apply mortar within 60 minutes. Observe a minimum clearance of 20 mm at every point of the anchoring or of the cavity to be grouted to ensure cavity-free compaction. When filling holes over 50 mm wide, Ceresit CX 15 STRONG should be mix with approx. 6.25 kg of the dolomite aggregate fraction 4/8 mm or basalt fraction 4/8 mm or 8/16 mm, water added to the required consistency. The addition of gravel does not affect setting time, but slightly reduces the strength of the anchorage. The material can be applied mechanically using a pump Pneumix PG 50 or equivalent. Protect fresh mortar against too rapid drying and keep damp for at least 48 hours.