Features and Benefits

Primer for bitumen thick coatings


  • Water-dilutable concentrate
  • Solvent-free
  • Active adhesion
  • Resistant to naturally occurring aggressive substances
  • Amount required (depending on type of use):
  • Absorbent substrates 50 – 70 g/m2
  • Non-absorbent substrates 10 – 20 g/m2

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Ceresit CP 41 is a solvent-free bitumen emulsion used as a primer for bitumen thick coatings. It can be applied on mineral and old bituminous substrates both indoors and outdoors.

Step by step

Substrate preparation


Only apply Ceresit CP 41 Bitumen primer on level, solid, load-bearing, clean and dry or slightly damp substrates. Existing load-bearing, bituminous substrates must be brushed off and freed from dust. The base slab projection and the base slab front must be cleaned very thoroughly and freed from dirt and mortar residues.



Briefly stir CP 41 and then dilute it with water depending on the absorbency of the substrate (see "Technical Data"). Mix thoroughly. Apply a uniform priming coat to the prepared substrate either by brush or by spraying. Only apply the bituminous thick coating after the CP 41 coat has fully dried. Please contact us for recommendations concerning the machine application of CP 41.