Waterproofing Systems

Moisture not only destroys the structure of the building but can also lead to various health problems for its occupants. Henkel has the right answer, offering a broad portfolio of waterproofing system solutions, used all across the building from its foundations to roof. These systems provide high-quality protection to prevent the penetration of water in any form. And because of the company's expertise in this field, professionals all over the world have come to put their trust in Henkel.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, new buildings or the renovation of old buildings, tiling a small bathroom or a large public swimming pool, for private or industrial applications – you can be sure Ceresit represents the right solution in its extensive range of perfectly matched products. Thanks to our experience and the development of new technologies, our tiling products provide best material performance and durability when at the same time the tiling is being done quicker and with less effort.