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CE 40 Color Perfect

we love colors

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We do everything to show this in our grouts. That’s the reason why we put color in the center of our improved CE 40 product range, including the brand new Color Perfect formula. Perfect to work with and perfect to live with.



The Color Perfect formula ensures:

  • beautiful, longer-lasting color experience,
  • smoother visual appearance,
  • resistance to blooming and discoloration


The composition of the CE 40 is enhanced with Superfine micro-silicates, making it especially stable and resistant. It brings:

  • increased crack-and scratch-resistance,
  • perfectly smooth and uniform colors,
  • optimized curing time for porcelain tiles.


CE 40 includes Aquastatictechnology that makes water drops pearl off the surface and prevents them from penetrating into the grout.

  • more resistant to dirt,
  • drop effect on the surface,
  • easier to clean


The three selected agents of the Trio-Protection formula are responsible for hygienic after protection.

  • protects the grout against fungi and mould,
  • ensures long-lasting aesthetic look,
  • protects against discoloration.

A great look is about the details. Even when we are talking about our home. A carefully selected grout can be as important as the tiles, or other design elements, as it can highlight and set the mood of the whole room.

That is why we have created the new Trend Collection – a fine selection in the Ceresit CE 40 grout range. Six trendsetting colors which add style and make any part of your home trendy.

To make your choice even easier, follow our color matching guide.

trend collection

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