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Fibre Force Waterproofing

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A synergistic mix of mineral and natural fibres provides additional reinforcement and ensures better flexibility, strength parameters and crack bridging properties. Such reinforced matrix is durable and ready to stand high impacts, with excellent compressive, tensile and shear strength while bending.

The fibres help to improve the post cracking behavior by mechanical bonding the microcracked material and block further crack propagation.


  • Crack bridging and crack resistance
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Reduced dusting during application
  • Excellent application parameters

Slurry reinforced with fibres

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Dust reduced while mixing

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Strong and felxible, reinforced with fibres

Due to additional reinforcement with fibres and formula with special polymer dispersion and carefully selected cements, binders and fillers, CR 166 offers high flexibility and strong adhesion to different substrates. It helps to counteract the impact of changing temperature, weather conditions that may cause deformation, as well as sustains various tensions and compensates thermal stresses.

CR 166 produces a waterproofing layer, which is durable and ready to withstand high impacts, with excellent compressive, tensile and shear strength.


Crack bridging

Thanks to high flexibility, CR 166 slurry is able to compensate cracks, even in minus temperatures. Despite microcracks appearing in a substrate, CR 166 keeps coating’s continuity, creating a “bridge” over the crack, to successfully protect the surface from water penetration and further damages.

It makes it a perfect choice while waterproofing on critical deformable substrates, where structural movements can cause microcracks, like outside, on balconies, terraces, under the tiles. Crack bridging properties of CR 166 are confirmed with norm EN 14891.

CERESIT Fibre Force waterproofing crack bridging 2764x2772 png

Flexible, 2-component, waterproofing slurry. For crack-bridging waterproofing of buildings and structural components.

  • highly waterproof
  • flexible and reinforced with fibres
  • crack bridging, even in minus temperatures
  • dust reduced
  • fast and easy to apply
  • trusted solution for any demanding area


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