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On the photo you can see two female volunteers building home in context of social responsibility program called Welcome Home that is organized by Henkel's Construction Business Unit.

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A safe home is vital in breaking the poverty cycle and laying the foundations for building a better life. Thanks to the financial support of the Fritz Henkel Stiftung, we support families in need to renovate their house, school or neighborhoods.

Since our first volunteering project in 2016 we achieved following milestones:

  • 15 projects
  • 10 countries
  • More than 750 volunteering days by Henkel employees
  • More than 350 Henkel employees participating
  • Several thousands of lives impacted by our renovation work around the globe


Various tubes togther with some plants on the laboratory table

The health & wellbeing of our craftsmen and homeowners are important to us. We make sure that when they use our products as intended, they are safe and comply with relevant regulations. At Ceresit we take responsibility to proactively identify and replace harmful substances in our products and work on developing new technologies, driving safety and transparency along the value chain. Through our low VOC and low dust solutions we are continuously developing products to enhance health and safety. Ceresit strives to deliver the best performance in the safest possible way.


Ceresit LP Sustainability Graphic Emissions

Low emission. Safer indoor environment.

What are emissions?
Emissions are the release of gaseous pollutants into the environment. In the indoor atmosphere they mostly emanate from freshly applied lacquers and paints, adhesives insulation systems and other building materials. They are most eminent shortly after the application of certain products but can persist in the air for days and months after the materials have been installed. Emissions are defined as, "Volatile Organic Compounds" (VOCs).

CM 17 Banner with Packshot and EMICODE

EC 1 certification. Safety in one's home

Choose safe, low emission products.
The solution to protect one's health and well-being is looking for products with low impact on indoor air safety. The standardized EMICODE labeling allows you to recognize those products and make conscious health-friendly purchase decisions.