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Building renovation system

Introduction to renovations

The lack of insulation in older buildings or the improper use of systems in modern ones has often resulted in the corrosion of building components. This poses a threat to both historic and contemporary structures.

Renovation systems offer a solution without the need for expensive and drastic measures like demolition and re-erection. Especially effective in buildings with high humidity, salinity, or fungal issues, these systems restore structures deemed unsuitable for further use.

Ceresit renovation system

The Ceresit renovation and building protection system consist of products tailored to individual needs, strategically combined for use in specific conditions.

Water and moisture protection

  • Products that ensure comprehensive protection against water damage.

Renovating plasters

  • This group of plasters is designed to dry masonry and absorb harmful building salts.

Repairing and renovation plaster coatings

  • The most diverse group of products, ranging from preparing facades for renovation works, mortars for minor repairs and filling cavities, to plasters for full-surface work, smoothing plaster to unify the facade, impregnating sealants for facades that must remain raw, and highly diffusive paints for specific environmental conditions.

Mortar for drawn profiles

  • A mortar for making and repairing cornices and drawn profiles.
Renovation System LP introduction house 1
Renovation System LP introduction house 2
Renovation System LP introduction house 3

Before initiating repairs, research and a thorough analysis of damage and causes are crucial. This involves on-site inspections, structural and environmental analysis, in situ and laboratory testing, an examination of past repairs, and a holistic assessment of the building's surroundings.


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