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Anchoring & Fixing

Ceresit range of CX cement-based mortars has been designed as an innovative solution for quick fixing new and renovated constructions. Key characteristics of CX products are: rapid setting, high strength, water and frost resistance, indoor and outdoor application. Wide spectrum of use, including: concrete elements reconstructions, crack repairs, fixing and anchoring concrete elements, made it a truly universal solution.

CX range consists of the following mortars:

  • CX 5 Express – Rapid assembly mortar for indoor and outdoor use for rapid anchoring, fixing and temporary sealing spot water leaks.
  • CX 20 Comfort – Assembly and repair mortar for precise assembly of elements and filling up cavities, characterized by a comfortable setting time.
  • CX 15 Strong – Grouting mortar for high-strength grouting, anchoring and assembly.

Application areas

  • Balcony railings
  • Fireplace & bathroom fittings
  • Fences
  • Garden lamps
  • Filling wall and plaster cavities and cracks up to 50 mm
  • Reconstruction of damaged wall corners
  • Installing electrical boxes
  • Reconstruction of concrete elements (stair nosings)
  • Installing plumbing under the sink
  • Installing fuse boxes
  • Fixing metal components
  • Fixing ventilation ducts
  • Fixing intercom systems
  • Anchoring swings, slides and seesaws
  • Fixing window grilles
Ceresit, Anchoring & Fixing Systems, Application Areas, size 1280 x 750
  • Cx 5 Express Different Problems One Solution

    Discover fast and reliable solutions for anchoring, fixing, grouting and repair. 

Know more about our products...

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    Mortar for high-strength grouting, anchoring and assembly. 
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    Assembly and repair mortar. Mortar for precise assembly of elements and filling up cavities, characterized by a comfortable setting time. 
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    Universal fast-setting mortar for quick, easy and strong fixing and assembling with perfect consistency for horizontal and vertical substrates (indoor & outdoor applications). 

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