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Heated Floor Systems

Heated floor systems are as poular today as never before - for a good reason: Heated floors are an energy efficient solution and at the same time provide a comfortable warmth and cosy environment. In combination with ceramic or natural stone tiles, up to 30% energy saving is possible due to the optimal thermal conductivity of the ceramic coverings Of course, Ceresit provides the tile adhesives and grouts in a perfectly matched system for various forms of heated floor installations. See our comprehensive brochure for Heated floor systems for detailed information.

Step by step

Step 1: Substrate preparation

Ceresit Tiling Systems LP, Heated floor, Substrate preparation, size 1280x960

For the installation of a surface heating system under tiles, certain standards and guidelines have to be observed in every step of the work by the heating engineer, screed installer, and tile layer. A tile layer needs expert knowledge to check that the workmanship done before was executed correctly (check heating report test) and ensure that the screed is sufficiently dry (CM method).

Step 2: Tiling

Ceresit Tiling Systems LP, Heated floor, Tiling, size 1280x960

Due to the thermal stresses, the movement of the substrate is higher than on conventional screeds. Therefore it is crucial to use flexible tile adhesives and elastic grout mortars. Ceresit offers quality tile adhesives and grouts with special polymers inside especially recommended for underfloor heating systems.

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