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Solutions For Special Formats & Substrates

In the world of tiling, you can find an appropriate solution for just about any taste or functional requirement: from stylish large format designer tiles, natural stones and marble, colourful glass mosaic to extremely thin ceramic plates. The important thing is to define the requirements in advance, to appropriately prepare the surface, and to choose the suitable tile adhesive, grout mortar and laying method. Ceresit provides you with high quality products for any special solution.

Large format tile installation

Ceresit Tiling Systems LP, Special Formats, Large tiles, size 1280x960

Following a recent design trend, large format tiles are very popular on floors and walls. Special know-how and techniques (Buttering-floating method) are needed as well as adjustable tile adhesives to guarantee that the adhesive spreads below the tiles without holes (90% bedding).

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Natural stone installation

Ceresit Tiling Systems LP, Special formats, Natural stone, size 1280x960

Special, fast-binding (white) adhesives and grouts are needed to lay natural stones/ marble. To protect sensitive materials against efflorescence and staining, only use adhesives that have been specially formulated for this purpose.

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Thin porcelain tiles installation

Ceresit Tiling Systems LP, Special formats, Porcelain tiles, size 1280x960

Thin porcelain tiles are found in niche segments where tiling with traditional plates is not possible or difficult (renovation etc). This requires special know-how in levelling the surface and application techniques.

Tile on tile

Ceresit Tiling Systems LP, Special Formats, Tile on tile, size 1280x960

In renovations, in order not to destroy the rigid substrate and to save time, it is common to install tiles on already existing old tiles. For this, evaluation and special treatment of the substrate and a suitable flexible tile adhesive are needed to ensure sufficient adhesion and a long-lasting result.

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