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Tiling In Industrial Buildings

Hardly any other part of industrial buildings is subject to such stresses as floor covering: heavy loads, extreme temperature fluctuations, exposure to moisture and aggressive chemicals. In many cases, the combined attack of several factors puts high requirements on tiling products. Especially in heavy-duty environments, the quality of the substructure, waterproofing and tiling products as well as the proper planning and expert installation is of crucial importance. Therefore, Ceresit offers dedicated systems solutions to cope with mechanical load, thermal stress, chemical attack and boundary conditions - comprehensive information is provided in our specialised brochures for tiling in industrial areas.

Step by step

Step 1: Substrate preparation

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Before the start of planning, a requirement profile must be generated that takes the most important factors into account:

  • Mechanical loads
  • Thermal stresses
  • Chemical attack
  • Exposure to moisture and wetness
  • Boundary conditions

Assessment of these factors determines the execution of the floor construction – from the foundation up to the top layer - and the right choice of products to use. Especially in heavy-duty environments, the work of planners, installers, screed and tile layers is closely linked and requires working hand in hand.

Step 2: Waterproofing

Ceresit Tiling Systems LP, Industrial Bulidings, Waterproofing, size 1280x960

Areas like commercial kitchens are exposed to a fair amount of water, in particular non pressing water. To minimize the risk of moisture damage, installing ceramic tiles or slabs and combining them with drains and channels into a bonded system is recommended.

Step 3: Tiling

Ceresit Tiling Systems LP, Industrial Buildings, Tiling, size 1280x960

If properly planned and expertly installed, ceramic coverings and their substructure turn out to be high performance products that can even cope with extreme point loads and rolling traffic. As they can withstand heavy duty service conditions for many decades, they also offer an excellent solution from an economic point of view. But the robustness and long service life of a floor structure not only depends on the tiles but also on the underlying layers from the screed to the tile grout. Therefore, Ceresit guarantees high performance system solutions based on innovation and experience.

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