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Basement & Foundations

Bituminous liquid system (PMB)

Water load type 1 and type 2 according to EN 15814

Ceresit bituminous thick coatings ensure reliable waterproofing, are very user-friendly and easy to apply.


  • Watertight
  • Highly flexible
  • Crack-bridging
  • Quickly rainproof


surface preparation

Waterproofing Systems, Basement & Foundations, Surface preparation in PMB

The substrates must be even, solid, load-bearing, dry or slightly damp and free of dust and substances which may impair adhesion (e.g. release agents). At low temperatures, make sure that the surface is free of ice.


Waterproofing Systems, Basement & Foundations, Application in PMB

Depending on the absorbency of the substrate, dilute the CP 41 Primer and stir it well. After that, apply a uniform and seamless priming coat on the prepared external basement walls and leave them to dry. Now apply the watertight and crack-bridging thick-layer coating (CP 43) in two coats – wet on wet. Allow the two coats to dry completely. Finally, install the insulation panels. This can be conveniently done with lumps of the applied thick-layer coating (CP).

with reinforcement fabric:

Waterproofing Systems, Basement & Foundations, Reinforcement in PMB

After applying the first layer of the bituminous thick coating, immediately embed the reinforcing fabric over the full surface area into the fresh mortar. In the abutting areas make sure that the fabric always overlaps by 10 cm. After that, apply the second layer until the required layer thickness has been reached which depends on the expected loads. Make sure to observe the application instructions of the respective waterproofing product.

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  • ${/content/heliux/adhesive/ceresit/com/en/products/waterproofing/central-pdp#/ceresit-cp-43/SAP_0201WDC014B5/searchResult.productFields.MainImageAltText}
    Fiber-reinforced bitumen waterproofing coat for the full-substrate waterproofing suitable for all water load types. Quickly rainproof and rapidly dries to produce a flexible, crack-bridging waterproofing layer. 

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