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Basement & Foundations

Horizontal WP barrier CO 81

water load type 1 and 2

CO 81 Silicification and Silane fluid is a durable sealing against capillary water absorption, even with later formation of secondary capillaries. It can be injected with or without pressure.


  • Deep penetration
  • Prevents capillary rise of moisture
  • Reactive
  • Increases surface strength


Pressureless injection:

Pressureless injection is particularly suited for slightly damp or damp brickwork. Drill holes for the silicification fluid with a diameter of 12 mm, an average of approx. 12 cm apart and a slope of at least 30° (not more than 45°).

Pressure injection:

Pressure injection is especially suited for saturated substrates. Drill holes of 12 to 18 mm diameter (depending on the type and size of injection tube used), an average distance of approx. 12 cm and a slope of approx. 30°. At a slope of 30°, the depth of the bore holes should be equivalent to the thick-ness of the brickwork to ensure that 5 cm of the walls to be treated are not drilled through.

Before injecting the product, remove any loose dust from the drill holes.

Inject CO 81 without pressure from feed vessels with an infiltration time of at least 24 hours. In the case of pressure injection, use suitable devices and a pressure of 2 to 7 bar.

Next day, fill the holes cavity-free with CR waterproofing slurry.

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Recommended products for the system

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    For sealing existing brickwork against capillary rise of moisture. Seals capillaries and fine cracks of up. 

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