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Basement & Foundations

Horizontal WP barrier CO 82

water load type 1

A silane injection with CO 82 replaces a non-functional horizontal barrier (damp-proof course) in all types of masonry – effectively and durably. CO 82 can also be used in aerated concrete walls to provide effective protection against moisture.


  • Silane-based, solvent-free cream-formulation
  • Optimized for pressureless application
  • Convenient handling and ready for use
  • Suitable in case of high moisture penetration


Drill holes with a diameter of 12 mm and a horizontal distance of max. 12.5 cm from each other. The depth of the drill hole must correspond to the wall thickness minus approx. 2 cm. Drill the holes horizontally or slightly sloping towards the exterior wall (max. angle: 45°).

The angle of the drill hole must be chosen in such a way that at least one horizontal joint is crossed. It is also possible to drill horizontally into the joint. Before injecting the product, remove any loose dust from the drill holes. Remove the screw cap on the tubular bag. Screw the injection hose supplied with the product onto the thread.

CO 82 can now be injected into the drill holes without any additional tools. Insert the hose into the drill hole as far as it will go. Squeeze the tubular bag (if possible apply uniform pressure) and press the material into the hole while slowly extracting the hose. Continue until the hole is completely filled with CO 82.

The injected material will now spread inside the masonry surrounding the drill hole, thus forming the damp-proof course (horizontal barrier). Later, seal the holes with a plug of mortar, e.g. made from Ceresit CX 5 or CD 40.

Find out more about waterproofing here.

further system components

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    Universal fast-setting mortar for quick, easy and strong fixing and assembling with perfect consistency for horizontal and vertical substrates (indoor & outdoor applications). 

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