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Concrete Protection

Concrete Protection System

Repairing concrete structures is many times more expensive than preventive measures. With Ceresit cementitious slurries which waterproof and protect conrete, it’s possible to extend lifespan and prevent or prolongue repair – and so avoid higher costs of maintenance. Find out more about additional concrete protection here.

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Recommended products for the system

  • ${/content/heliux/adhesive/ceresit/com/en/products/waterproofing/product#/ceresit-cr-166/SAP_0201WJC014B9/searchResult.productFields.MainImageAltText}
    CERESIT CR 166
    2-component flexible slurry, strengthened with fibres and designed for waterproofing and damp-proofing on deformable and non-deformable mineral substrates. 
  • ${/content/heliux/adhesive/ceresit/com/en/products/waterproofing/product#/ceresit-cr-65/SAP_0201WHC014C3/searchResult.productFields.MainImageAltText}
    1-component cementitious waterproofing slurry, perfect to improve concrete substrate resistance on cementitious substrates that are ready for coating and non-shrinking, non-deformable, and salt-free. 

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