Ceresit presents the revolutionary ready- to- use grout CE 60. Based on a unique combination of polymer dispersion, CE 60 takes grouting to the next level. No water required for mixing and time-saving application. Ceresit CE 60 delivers absolutely outstanding results that last. Consistently. Forget about inhomogeneous grout colors and Surface, and stains. It is your perfect choice for all indoor applications as well as types of tiles and natural stone.

how to use?

CE 60 is not only a breakthrough grout, but it changes the process of grouting as well. It will help you gain valuable time on the job site and is less dusty and dirty than conventional grouts.


CE 60 is a high quality ready-to-use grout for joints up to 6 mm in width. Due to its one-component-formula based on polymer, its application is exceedingly easy. It can be washed and formed immediately upon use.

Open the package and remove the protective foil. Clean the dispersion accumulated on its surface. Keep the foil for later use.

Using a small metal or plastic spatula, mix the contents of the package to an even consistency.

Select the size of the surface and apply a small amount of grout using an epoxy grout float. Remove any excess grout immediately.

Clean the surface immediately or latest within max. 10 minutes after application. First, carefully rinse the entire surface with a damp sponge or a spray bottle, then remove the remaining grout from the surface of the tiles. Use as little water as possible to avoid damage.

If grout residues remain on the tiles, clean the surface with warm water or a dedicated cleaner. 

Secure the product with a protective foil for later use and close the bucket.

READY for any tiling challenge

CE 60 works perfectly with a wide variety of tiles – from mosaics to large formats. Its high elasticity allows it to be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces in any indoor application, be it bathrooms or kitchens. Ceramic, grès, porcelain, stoneware, mosaic, or natural stone – CE 60 is a great choice for almost any material.

resistance to everyday life

The day renovation or finishing jobs are over we move around the house with great care to keep the „new effect” as long as possible. But as months go by, stains pop up here and there, scratches appear this effect loses its vibrancy. Well, not with CE 60 grout. Joints will remain flawless and colors perfectly stable for many years.

Enjoy any beverage you like around your house.

Ceresit CE 60 has dense molecular structure with hydrophobic properties In other word, stains don’t stick to the grout. That makes it a perfect choice for spaces, such as a bathrooms, kitchens, or corridors.

Do not worry about inhomogeneous or fading colors anymore with CE 60.

Due to its innovative formula that does not require mixing with water, you can rest assured that the color applied on the joints will match your expectations. Say goodbye to color shading and efflorescence. 100% stable colors, for years to come.

Rearrange furniture as you wish.

The improved durability of polyurethane polymer combined with a solid structure of quartz sand provides CE 60 with unmatched abrasion.

Excellent protection against mechanical impact guarantees the longevity of the product.

Sustainability is at the heart of Ceresit. CE 60 is no exception:

  • Its bucket is made to 50% from recycled materials and is fully recyclable.
  • Water consumption is considerably reduced due to it’s ready-to-use technology.
  • It is produced in Ceresit production sites using 100% renewable electricity.


The CE 60 color palette consists of 17 trendy colors in shades of white, grey and beige, carefully selected to follow the newest shifts in modern design. Whether you are looking for joints tone-in-tone with your tiles or creating a contrast, with CE 60 you will find the right combination.