Features and Benefits

For absorbent screeds and concrete floors


  • Agglomerates residual dust
  • Seals mortar pores: Improves fluidity and workability of self-leveling compounds
  • Strong bonding bridge

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Ceresit R 777 is a dispersion water-based fluid primer, to be applied before the application of self-leveling compounds or repair mortars on absorbent or very absorbent concrete floors (porous), mortars, natural stone, ceramic tiles, etc.


Dispersion primer used as a bonding bridge for Ceresit levelling and smoothing compounds on absorbent substrates such as cement screeds and concrete floors, calcium sulfate screeds, levelling and smoothing compounds, dry construction boards. Can also be used before directly bonding floor coverings on suitable substrates with Ceresit adhesives.


Ceresit R 777 is not a moisture barrier. For indoor use only.

Step by step

Step 1

Shake vigorously before use and then dilute Ceresit R 777 with water in a 1:1 ratio.

Step 2

Pour the dilution on the floor and distributing it evenly using a plush roller and a brush moving the roller crosswise. For highly porous and absorbent substrates apply a second coat of Ceresit R 777.

Step 3

In case of need, Ceresit R 777 can even be applied directly without dilution. Let dry 1 to 2 hours.